Bathmate Hydromax X30

The Hydromax X30 is the middle version of the 3 pumps that presently make up the Hydromax line. It is basically a much improved version of the Bathmate Hercules since it’s exactly the same size as the latter. However, this is where the similarity ends since important improvements make the X30 a much better choice.

hydromax x30

To begin with, the X30 is significantly more powerful than the original Bathmates by as much as 35%. Then, the addition of a newly designed comfort pad at the base of the unit not only improves the comfort during use but also creates a much better seal. Also, the valve situated at the tip now has a “lock” position that allows the user to more easily fill the cylinder with water and adjust it while showering.

Instead of being in a fixed position, the cylinder now swivels freely so that the has user can more easily adjust the angle which makes the measuring guide more easy to view. The measuring guide now also comes graded in both imperial and metric measurements to suit users of all countries.

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All of these improvements work together to make it the best hydropump available on the market. This isn’t meant to discredit the effectiveness of earlier Bathmate models that have produced thousands of satisfied customers, but only the recognition that the new Hydromax raises the bar even higher.

It’s just a normal evolution for new products to improve on earlier versions, and even though it costs slightly more, it’s justified by providing faster results. If you would like more information about this pump and others in the Bathmate product line, simply click on the link below.