Bathmate Hydromax X20

The Hydromax X20 is the newest and smallest pump to be added to this series of hydropumps. It fills a void left open by earlier models which didn’t offer a pump that was even smaller than the Hercules. It is meant to accommodate men who are no longer than 5.5 inches in length.

hydromax X20

It is difficult to compare to earlier Bathmate models since no previous pump of this size was available before the introduction of this one. That being said, it adopts all the improvements associated with Hydromax pumps which includes 35% greater suction which allows users to get more out of their workouts for faster results. An improved valve also makes it easier for users to keep water in the cylinder during adjustment.

Also, the foam pad at the base of the gaitor is thicker for enhanced comfort while forming a better seal between the body and the pump. Instead of being fixed, the cylinder now swivels freely which allows users to have a better view of the measurement scale which is displayed in both imperial and metric measurements.

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Before the introduction of this pump your most likely choice would have been the older Hercules model. It still remains a solid choice that has produced numerous satisfied users of the years and mostly responsible for building Bathmate’s success. However, the Hydromax line incorporates modifications suggested by actual users which makes it more effective and user friendly.

Of course this pump costs more than earlier models lacking these improvements. This may be so, but considering how often you will be using it, the extra few dollars will be justified. Serious penis enlargement takes time so you really want to rely on a device that gives you superior comfort while maximizing the results you get for time invested.